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According to the result of survey "which dream did you give up?", “love” was often renounced lightly by those seeking success.

Afterwards, I naturally adopted “love” as the theme of my next project 'Goodbye to Love' (2013)


Project Dialogue vol.2-Goodbye to Love (2013):stories for the project Dream Dust (2011), I asked what the price of love was in our age. 

Love was not chosen in our lives. Those giving up their dreams for reality, throwing away love, leaving their families, and losing themselves. I don’t know what a tough reality is for or whom it is for, but it obviously makes us forget everything and how we become what we are. I began surveying stories of broken heart to grasp the import of love.

But  it is not just an emotional reason. The most common reason why people gave up their love was due to their consideration of “reality” (after all, money matters). This is associated with the problem of the so-called Sampo Generation, a term referring to a generation that gives up courtship, marriage, and childbirth in Korea. 



survey Broken Heart story & Collection*



One day I found this 1000 origami cranes at the Action by chance.(** image)

I am collecting goods/articles and stories the separated lovers have left In Korea.

Almost 50 Korean participants have donated me the stuff with personal  breakup story. It 's still on going. 

I plan to produce photographic works based on the stories from the donator of such collected items in collaboration with a photographic artist.


Project 대화의 세번째 시리즈의 주제는 <사랑>입니다. 지난 <꿈의 먼지> 프로젝트에서도 알 수 있듯이 사랑은 많은 사람들이 현실을 택하는 대신에 포기할 수 있는 1순위였다. 

현실을 위해 꿈을 포기하고, 사랑을 버리고, 가족을 등지며, 자신을 잃어버리는 사람들...
사람들이 쫒고, 쫒기는 현실이 무엇을, 누구를 위한 것인진 모르겠으나 자기다울 수 있는  모든 것들을 자각할 수 없게 잃고 살게 만드는 것만은 분명한 것 같다. 
하찮은 존재가 되어버린 듯한 사랑의 의미를 사람들에게서 수집한 실연의 사연을 통해 생각해보자 한다. 
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Archive 실연수집  the Memorabilia of broken heart  (2013~)


(install View MoA 2013)


" Donate your breakup item & story"


For I collected things people got from past or failed loves and named them as “the collection of memorabilia of broken heart .” 

I have been collecting “objects” from the broken heart since April 2013 and held the exhibition until September in Museum of Art Seoul National University. 
The exhibition presented donated or loaned “objects” along with their own heart-wrenching stories. The “objects” include portrait, necklace, underwear, perfume, dolls, phone and so on. They showed emotional, sad, confusing and sometimes abnormal sides of love.


"헤어진 연인의 물건을 수집합니다."

2013년 6월 부터 진행한 <실연수집>은 사람들에게 헤어진 연인들과 관련된 물품과 사연을 기증, 대여받아 구성된 Archive이다. 

연애편지,자화상,목걸이,자전거, 속옷,향수,노트,옷,전화카드, 전화기,인형,목도리 등 사람들이 제공한 물품들은 감성적이고, 슬프고 때론 혼란스럽고, 변태스러운 다양한 사랑의 모습을 담고 있다. 2013년 6월부터 8월까지 수집한 35여점의<실연수집> 은 2013년 이후까지 진행하여, 이후 전시에서 건축가와 협업한 공간 구조물 형태로 재구성 할 계획이다. 



Archive 'Memorabilia of Broken Heart ' (part 2019)






사랑의 단상 Fragments of love 
And some of individual story have been represented in this kind of small work. I have made a small installation, sculpture, by adding my own interpretation. 
사람들의 사연을 접하면서 느낀 사랑의 단상을 표현한 설치작품
Goodbye to Love Ⅰ(1st Edition)_2013_1.000 origami cranes, magnifying glass_ variable dimensions _SeMA Collection

I had folded the 1000 crane using gold paper and unfolded that again, then stuck with together. the form of crane was disappeared but the trace of love still remain on the paper like a wound of past love.

*ps: 1000 paper cranes are old Japanese custom for wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple. 

Now a day it's representative common gift between young  lovers in Korea & Japan. 


우연히 옛사랑이 선물한 종이학 1.000마리를 6.000원에 판다는 광고를 보고 사랑이 지난 후 남겨진 물건에 대해 생각해보게 했다. 

작품은 금색 종이학 1.000마리를 접은 후 모두 풀러 한데 모아 붙인 형태이며, 종이학은 사라졌지만 '사랑했다'는 흔적까지 없앨 수 없지 않은가.


5DM32837.jpg 5DM32816.jpg _DSC2642.jpg _DSC3138.jpg
 Chapter 2 Gallery(2017 KR. window) / Castle OUD-REKEM (2016.BE) 



Goodbye to LoveⅠ-light of Illusion_ 2017_10.000 origami cranes, empty wedding watch box, candle_720x340cm(10.000 pieces of gold crane only)



Goodbye to LoveⅢ_2016_neon sign, text, mixed media_variable  dimensions_Collection Van Laethem-Croux_ Hasselt, BE






Goodbye to Love Ⅱ_2016_needle work on canvas, sound, red thread_variable dimensions_Collection Van Laethem-Croux_ Hasselt, BE


Work 'Goodbye to Love Ⅱ' seems to be empty but there is trace of needle hole. I plucked it out again after sewing the lyric of song 'Goodbye to Love'(song by Carpenters 1972) using red thread on the white canvas. It feels like a some wound of love remain after ending love. 


사랑의 덧없음을 담은 카펜터스의 노래 <Goodbye to LOVE>의 가사를 캔버스 위에 붉은 자수글씨로 새긴 후 모두 다시 뜯어낸 작업으로 마음을 떨리게 하건 사랑고백은 사라졌을지 모르지만 사랑이 떠나면서 남긴 상처는 고스라니 남아있음을 담은 작품이다. 


Castle OUD-REKEM (2016.BE)





























MoA Museum (2013, Seoul,KR) / BCAB 2019)



survey> the broken hearted story(2013~)  http://www.phsoo.com/lovecast

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