Hyesoo Park_Goodbye to Love-Light of Illusion, 2017, 3,000 gold paper orgami cranes, variable dimensions (left painting: Mina Ham)


Goodbye to Love-Conversation of all those whose lips are sealed
2023. 10.1~2024. 1. 7: Tue~Sun 12-5pm 

Marres https://marres.org/en/home-en/ 

Artist: Hyesoo Park, Jinju Lee, James Webb
Curator: Valentjn Byvanck
Head of Production: Rosa van der Filer

Photo by Gert Jan van Rooij, Rob van Hoorn, Hyesoo Park Courtesy

Home page Design: Dongyoung Lee



I'm Participating in the group exhibition <Goodbye to Love> by Mares, Netherlands. In this exhibition, I present' Our Joyful Young Days', a representative work of my 'Goodbye to Love' project, a painting by collaborator Mina Ham, a golden origami crane installation 'Light of Illusion', and 'Flower in Love', a new video work filmed locally in April this year.
‘Memories of Broken Heart,’ a web survey that surveys local residents’ stories of love and heartbreak, will continue until the exhibition ends in January 2024. (www.goodbye2love.com)



Our Joyful Young Days, 2022, Two-channel video, 25min, co-directed by Yeen Kang, commissioned by MMCA, Seo-SEMA Collection(KR)



Mina Ham, Our Joyful Young Days Series, 2022, commissioned by Hyesoo Park



Flower in Love, 2023, Single channel video, 30 min, commissioned by Marres

(filming and editing: Sojeong Lee, co-filming: 22ff / Dutch advisor: Hajin Lee)


In particular, this new work, 'Flower in Love', is a single-channel work produced by interviewing six Maastricht citizens about love and connecting them with flowers with the soul of love.
 The six interviewees were between the ages of 50 and 97, and they spent their youth in the 20th century. In the interview, they speak honestly about what they believe in love, what they love, and the feelings they want to cherish.
The video  suggests that 'eternal love with one person', which was common in the 20th century, is an old-fashioned emotion that is no longer seen in the 21st century, and continues with the story of a fantasy flower that decided to disappear first out of fear of being abandoned by people. It's going on.




네덜란드 마레스의 기획전 <굿바이 투 러브>에 참여합니다. 저는 이번 전시에서 제 '굿바이 투 러브' 프로젝트 의 대표작인 'Our Joyful Young Days'와 협업작가였던 Mina Ham의 회화, 금색 종이학 설치작품인 'Light of Illusion' 그리고 올해 4월 현지에서 촬영한 신작 영상 'Flower in Love' 그리고 현지인들을 대상으로 사랑과 실연사연을 조사하는 웹서베이 ' Memorabilia of Broken Heart'를 선보입니다. 


특히 이번 신작인  ' Flower in Love' 는 마스트리히트 시민 6명을 대상으로 사랑에 대한 인터뷰를 진행하고, 이를 사랑의 영혼을 가진 꽃과 연결하여 제작한 싱글채널 작품입니다. 6명의 인터뷰이는 50세~97세 사이로  청춘을 20세기에 보낸 사람들로 그들이 믿고, 사랑하고, 간직하고 싶은 감정을 솔직하게 담아내고 있습니다. 
영상은 20세기의 평범했던 '한 사람과의 영원한 사랑'은  이제 21세기에 더이상 보기 힘든 구시대의 감정이 것으로 생각하며, 사람에게 버려질 것을 두려워하여 먼저 사라지길 결심한 환상의 꽃의 이야기와 이어져 진행됩니다. 


Gallery View (Marres, NL)



Audience participation work, Goodbye Letter, 2023, letter paper, envelope, paper orgami crain, variable dimensions

For this exhibition, a web survey was made in English and Dutch, and a participation space was created at the exhibition space where the audience could directly say goodbye to their ‘Love’.



 이 전시를 위해 웹설문을 영문/네덜란드어로 제작하고, 전시장에서 관객들이 직접 자신의 '사랑'에 안녕을 고하는 참여공간을 마련했습니다. wwwgoodbye2love.com 



3 months later (Jan 2024)



Survey Archive, Memorabilla of Broken Hearted, 2023

The 'Memorabilla of Broken Hearted' survey have conducted in Korea(2013~2022) was conducted among Dutch locals and collected props and stories about heartbreak and love. Stories are being collected through the Goodbye2Love website.

 한국에서 진행했던 실연수집 설문을 네덜란드 현지인을 대상으로 진행하고 실연과 사랑에 대한 소품과 사연을 수집했습니다. 사연은 굿바이투러브 홈페이지를 통해 수집중입니다.(2024. 1월 까지 운영)





with Interviewees 인터뷰이들과 함께 전시 오픈 전날 함께 모여 영상을 함께 보는 뜻깊은 시간을 가졌습니다.

The interviewees and I gathered together the day before the exhibition opened and watched the new video work together. (I like to thank Marres for their thoughtful consideration.)


More Goodbye to Love --> http://www.phsoo.com/board_qSoe18/15570