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Hyesoo Park

Hye-Soo Park(b.1974 KR) is an artist who continues to reveal her own artistic analysis on the modern man struggling to live the average life in a fiercely competitive society, the psychological issues derived from such life and the social landscape of our modern generation. Through various projects, Park continues to develop a visual analysis from speculating about the disappearing values of an individual’s life under capitalism, and following up on people’s thoughts about it. Her work “Project Dialogue Archive”(since 2009) initiated the first of these interactive communications, was setup to induce conversation in which professionals of different fields and the general audience posted feed backs in their own manners, resulting in a conversation scrapbook of randomly overheard and collected conversations of people. Through this project, Park divided the collected conversations and her own thoughts into five themes of 'Dream', 'Botong', 'Love', 'We' and 'Art', and carried out surveys for each theme as five separate projects.

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