Goodbye to Love

Survey Broken Heart Story (since 2013)

Artist Hyesoo Park has been collecting real stories from people's past :

especially, those personal stories about failure, invaluable story, personal memories and everyday life.

This project focuses on lost love. So, she have collected the broken heart Stories told by ordinary visitors at the Jan Van Eyck academy (NL 2014) and MoA Museum(Seoul, Korea 2013).

Park collected 50 kinds of broken heart story using typewriter which she had installed at the cafe of JVE in Sep 2014~ Dec 2014.

Then she requested participant artists of JVE to write a new story(fiction) which was based on the collected real broken heart stories. there was no specific form and quantity in new writing and artists could write and read it with their own language.

And Park creates a confuse space where coexists with real and fiction through mixing the fiction and real story in Open studio in JVE(2015).

reading & interview lovecas



Voice: Anne Callahan, Cedar Lewisohn, Martin La Roche, Matylda Krzykowski, Hyesoo Park- participant artists of JVE(2014 season)

* If you want to join this survey, send email with your broken heart story. (

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굿바이투 러브_2015_170x117cm_미술은행 소장
Goodbye to Love _ 2015, 1000 orgami cranes purchased from the auction (Korean ebay), 170x117cm_Korea Art Back Collection

Love Story_ banner, sound, variable dimensions, 2015 

Banner text from  survey 'Broken Heart Story' in Jan van Eyck Academie (2014), survey 'Broken Heart Story' in MoA Museum in Seoul Korea (2013)

fiction: Anne Callahan, Cedar Lewisohn, Martin La Roche, Hyesoo Park

Reading & Interview :  Anne Callahan, Cedar Lewisohn, Martin La Roche, Matylda Krzykowski, Hyesoo Park


Goodbye to Love2015. 700 unfolded - origami cranes with the text from Honderd Liefdes Sonnetten by Pablo Neruda, 120×190cm.,





93. Hallo

Goeiemiddg, ik zit juist net in een mooie relatie ;) 



94. How could it has ended if we never properly started?

My first love was an unfinished one, we met right before each of us were to depart, back to a home one of us longed for and the other one dreaded.

I thought we....

could not lived without him.

Never want to see him again. 



95. What would we are without wishful thinking...

It's here where I met you.

It's here where I left you.

I had no idea what happen.

Did you?

would anyone? I don't know still I still and he did never included in forever. 



96. I was the lover.

She decided not to be with me,

but to stay with her girlfriend. 

I left the country.



97. Corazon roto veces. ahora encontre el amor...



98. i want to learn, he.. wasn't  ready to teach, I guess another times, another place. 



99. We just had different opinions of the directions we wanted our relationship to go. 

I had to break up to save myself.

My heart, my soul and what defines me. 



100.  We were at the airport after 8 months of traveling together.

I flew back to Europe and he returned to California. 



101. I said goodbye.

He said nothing. 

I repeated: goodbye...

He said he had already said bye months ago. 



102. Love is finite. 

You die alone. 

Mother or girlfriend? I didn't lose hope yet, curious.



103. You're coming with a red dress, holding a sweet flower. 

I have been loving what we had...

I don;t love it anymore..



104. Seeing you, standing there with your wrinkled face, 

your bowed shoulders I knew you always were the one I sincerely loved.




83. I wore sunglasses too often. she got tired of that.

I was not really in Love. 

All I wanted was for him to see me shine, but I got lost in his shadow. 



84. never happened.....



85. It was a real drama with a lot of tears and chocolate.

-Bridgetn Jones



86. He did love me but he knew that somethings had need to end.

still he loved the sex to much to let her go. so instead of saying the truth he used her so after words her heart would be more jused and broken.


He used multiple times  and even cheated and after he broke up with he apparently had already another one and still used her.


Even a few months later he cald her to say that he loved her, but that it would never had worked, and that the misses the sex. 

At that moment she was are dat done with him. and hoped that he would walked in to a big heavy wall. 



87. I came back from summer vacation and a mutual friend asked if she were still dating some guy. 

Apparently she had started seeing someone while I was away and since no one knew we were dating because she couldn't let her parents know that she was in a lesbian relationship no one told me. 

And I suffered alone.

We cried a lot and she tried to apologize, and HOLD My hand constantly.

Eventually I just stopped talking to her. 



88. Long time ago, we danced on "Brown eyed girl:, so in love now we broke up for several years. 

Yesterday, what's app: Now on radio, brown eyed girl.

Oh, dear, so sweet. I can't listen. still dancing with you miss you too" 

after 15 years, still good memories. 



89. unbearable silence.



90. I went out with this smart guy for 3 months. he dumped over a mushroom experience. funny..

I just left.



91. Sometimes it's just too complicated. sometimes it's only about accept we are and why does this make us different from the person we love. 

Realizing this is hard, but only we can clear things up.

are you a pusher or are you a puller?

I obviously wasn't good enough. 



92. He say I think nothing.

and I said it's not possible.

You must to think.

It's maybe unconscientious thinking, something that you can not find a right language. 

It's crazy to find the good words to share your feelings the language?

We need to find other shape to talk about love what is happen?

Language of Love?

My story is like a this machine..






81. I moved to Maastrivht... I guess that is it. 




82. She didn't know.

But she was there on my side.

For her the broken heart has no name. 

So there was n suffering.

Just as abstraction.

My tears were something else.

Almost nothing.




83. The End....

30. For the first time I thought that I can be a lesbian because of her.






15. After two years together IBN high school, we decided to break up.


I started dating his pseudo-friend, Taylor.


My ex-boyfriend was not happy about it.


The night before we all left for college, my ex-boyfriend went to Taylor’s house and stabbed Taylor’s father on the lawn after they got into an argument about my new relationship.


My ex-boyfriend spent the night in Jail.


And left for university the next day,


He’s still on probation.






26. I grew up here just around the corner.


My parents were both students of art(35 years ago).


They told me that at this institute organized some basement party’s with music.


and they remembered some show with laser.


somewhere projected out of whole of a wall in this building.


I think it is still there,



16. She was a writer. I was not her type






25. She thought I was like a prince on a white house.


But you know, nobody is perfect.






44. I came to Korea because of my boyfriend..


but he went back to my country leave me hear all alone and meet another girl...


After that he came to me and ask me to go out again...






48. If you don't love me I will hit you with pineapple.






59. Just love yourself that is all you got bitch !






53. Dear Timothy


Let me try this again.


I loved you. but you just had to love a guy instead of me.


p.s. You owe me my belt birthday present.






78. easy come, easy go..


our love became lighter than a wind passing by.






40. My last boyfriend had a very small penis.


No I didn’t.


Oh yes, you did.


It was smaller than the baby finger of our first born.


But It was as thick as a sequoia.






41. In the jungle of the pubes It was hidden in the shadows.


Well, the disastrous monster needs a hideaway..


What does your wiener hide from?






19. One Sunday morning,


when my father screamed at the vegetables.


I realized I had to leave God.


I didn’t love him anymore.


and leaving his nail clipping all over the house.


I’m in disgust.


He also mastur bats in the shower,


and Gods semen is really hard to clean out the tub.

7. We broke up the night before we actually broke up.


I said “so I thinks we should talk about the fact that I’m moving to a different continent.”


He said “I ‘ve meaning to talk to you about that but I didn’t want to be sad.”


We decided to break up when my dad picked me up to bring me to the airport the next morning.


He hugged me and lifted me off the floor before I left.


We haven't talked since.






11. He was doing his internship quite far away


and I left for art school elsewhere


and then he broke up with me.


Because we had grown apart....


I didn’t agree at first ,


but I do.






12. We had a long distance relationship for quite a while.


I thought it wasn’t quite well until one night she started screaming that I was a loser


‘only good at cooking and fucking’.


The next morning I took the first plane back home.


She kept sending me emails for a while.


I didn’t answer.


That was 8 Years ago.


Now we meet every year.


Now and then, and talk about the amazing sex once we had


and complain about our current sex life.


But we both agreed never to have sex again.


We prefer the memory.






17. Long distance is hard.


He saw me hanging a tree.


and he decided to broke up.


Of my Goodness !


Artez vooropleiding dans venlo was here.


Long distance relations stressed a lot.


Forgotten shit again,


Forgotten everyone.






It tired.






28. Not always my girlfriend from Australia broke up with me via skype.


and now I will never see her again which makes me very sad.

21. All of my past love stories are about Failure.

If It was not the past It would not have been about failure.

If It had been a success

It would have read: success

What is success?

people are dancing,

Is it success?

Lot is maybe a failure.

If I could write what I really wanted to write

I still would now write it.




36. The story of Jerone

I met her on a lousy summer evening.

The weather was hot, but damp.

Is love lost or does it just disappear?

My dreams of our love were locked away with the promise of a common life, with him.

I can no longer find the key.

I lost it.




46. Where is my Imaginary Boyfriend?

Well, He who is not mine can only live out of grasp.

Love is stupid.

It's stupid.

Being loved gives you strength.

Loving someone gives you courage.




55. Perhaps Love is like the ocean full of conflict full of pain like a fire when it's cold outside.

Thunder when It rains even if you lose yourself and don't know what to do.

The memory of love will be of you.




51. Love is an abyss brimming with poison bye.

Stop being gross RIDDHI




57. Love is a delusion.

I'm delusional.




66. There are something money can't buy in the book.

but there is nothing money can't buy in reality, even Love..





65. What's the difference between love and like?




73. Thanks for letting me know love.





34. There are things know and there are things unknown

and in between are the doors of perception.




74. love is unpredictable.

love is unpredictable

love is unpredictable

love is unpredictable

love is unpredictable

love is unpredictable

that's life.





68. He got married.

the May where I wanted to do.

Since sixth grate. Since sixth grate Paul was in love with me. Despite the adventures and the small crushes on other girls, I was always the number one. Always the only one who would make his heart raise and his brain have a breakdown. He never knew what to say to me, how to start a conversation. His love made him shy in front of me.


We grew up together though. Since first grate, I think. And knew him as well as I knew he was in love with me. Which is a lot. But I didn’t really paid attention to it. Since most of my classmate had that period in which they would like me and don’t speak to me because, in some way, I intimidated them. I never cared. I always thought they liked just my physic since they had never have a real conversation with me. My entire study life I had “unreachable” tattooed in my forehead. But no one ever tried. So how could they know?



However, in tenth grate, Paul finally got the guts to talk to me. He discovered that I wasn’t an unreachable girl. That have a conversation with me and feel comfortable around me was quite easy. So why shouldn’t he try to get me?


Well, he did try. He spent two entire moths trying. He got me to flirt a bit back and care enough about him. But when I was just about to fall, one night, two girls and many beers ruined all his chances. What a shame.


For some strange reason, that I can’t even understand myself, I started to feel attracted by him the next scholar year. It came out of the blue. So I tried to get closer to him and one thing lead to the other. Suddenly we would talk for hours, chat, have call phones and over all, flirt without any shame in there. It was quite nice. We would laugh a lot, I would tease him because of the effect I clearly had in him, he would look for me and hug me or carry me in his arms whenever I didn’t want to move. Everyone thought we were dating. But we never even kiss. Well, not apart from a spin the bottle game.



Why didn’t we date then?


No, that’s not the right question.


Why would he step back when he finally got he wanted?


Well, have you ever want something so badly and for so long that when you get, when you finally get it, you are so overwhelmed that you don’t know what to do anymore? It happened to Paul.


He suddenly wasn’t sure if he wanted to date me or not. One day we would be lying on the grass staring at each other eyes for hours and the next one he would keep avoiding me. I even try to be the one who puts the things in order. I got rid of my huge and stubborn pride and ask him for a date. He made up an excuse. Nice, isn’t it?


For the first time I actually tried, and that happens.


It went like this for a couple of weeks. Then, at some point I just gave up. I was getting really annoyed by his insecurity, so I ended up. After telling him I was mad and that we should just leave it like that, I cried. I cried because it hurt.


It didn’t hurt what he did, though. But what I did.


“Just forget. It’s not worth it. Just…not worth it,” I kept saying.


“It’s not worth it? So I am not worth it?” the desperation and sorrow was clear in his voice.


“Yes, exactly. You are not worth it,” was the sentence that made realize that, doesn’t matter what I do or how hard I try to be nice and sweet, I am a harpy. A heartless harpy.



1. I threw all her shit out the window..

and immediately regretted it.

She was a bitch

But I loved her.

Joking..... Joking.




2. Not true.

I was not a bitch.,

and he didn’t love me.




3. After out break up I didn’t feel any sadness in me.

or anything that may be felt by someone.

That I just had a break up.

Maybe It’s because we had been a long distance relationship for a long time.

And our love may be faded.




4. ZUZA says that her ex-boyfriends hates her.

It’s so sad. I wanna cry...




5. As her coffee is getting cold wondering where he is,

now smoking his cigarette trying to forget her.




22. I... didn't know.

I have been your nuisance.

It's no use to write letter again

Actually I'm really pissed that you'd said so.

I really didn't know.




23. I met him at Portugal. and e took a bus.

I told him It was over.

He felt the same.

"I don’t regret of nothing", he said.

"I’ still thinking if there was something."

anyway, It’s over now.




32. How was I supposed to know..

Things could not get any worse when..

Our future seemed so bright..

If you like then you should a put a ring on it.

Sad stories all over the world.




35. For three years she thought I was magic.

One day I decided to do a trick,

so I did a disappearing act.




45. One day I met this girl.

one thing I know, I really liked her.

I need more than 12 years to realize that at the end I can't be with her.




47. I should have, Would have, Could have

You will always and forever be my first.

I was very sad Love impossible,




10. She let me know it's quite painful to be alone.




13. It all started out as something worth living for:

I thought It was love, but as It turns out it wasn’t.

She was the first woman I ever loved, but I was just a material to her.

Something she could have, use,

something that made her feel like she had a purpose in life.

When I finally realized...

It was impossible to get rid of her,

she wouldn’t let me go. I had to lie about cheating on her (and getting very sick) to finally be free .




18. I love him and he went away. I just couldn’t stop dreaming him.




50.  Last Christmas I gave you my heart.

But the very next day you said you were

gat no wait

gay yeah

sad Life.




52. I will thank you for all those days you made better.

Forget all about me and meet someone better.




56. Dear. my love

I can't find a word to express how I feel now.

you mean everything.

you mean everything to me.




63. Living in this world means that you meet and depart with many people.

I, for one, keep one person in my heart.




64. I think it was the best for us to end our relationship.

and I really wish him the best.




67. A sleepless night will never come again,

I have no confidence to see your smiling face again.

so, I wish your unhappiness.

I wish you're not happy,

ever so much..




69. please, these bad experience will never return again.




49. I met a guy.

I liked him

Unfortunately our love was not possible.

I support homosexuality.

But he was gay.

Life is short so live your dreams even if they mean living wait so someone.

My first kiss tasted like tears.




72. she's gone on a rainy day.

It's raining today.




75. we lived another time.




33. At first I pathetically tried to get him not to,

but then we talked over the phone and made It official decision.

I was torn apart at the core.

I don’t think I’d ever given so much to someone in my life.












14. I tried really hard to break up with a liar.




20. No explanation she just left me when I was at my worst with no one to turn to.

She was talking to someone as soon as we broke up so that hurt more than anything.

Now everything reminds me of her.




29. He told me want to be single..




62. I can't forget her who engendered love to me who rejected love.




31. Girls are much stronger than boys

When breaking up.




37. I am alone

It is the measure of a man to know when he is wrong.

and men are usually wrong.




38. I gave up on love.

We’ll never see again

I wish you are not happy.

I wish you are unhappy than me .

I wish he love you less.

For someone new





43. I am totally exhausted because of her.




54. I said 'let's break up', but we couldn't so.




39. She was in for a pleasure, but to afraid she would too intimate.

She only let me caress her with her back turned to me.

It’s ok, but It got boring after some time.




71. I Love Him,

He never loved me .

so, I let him go.




70. We haven't broken up yet, but I hope so.




76. I wanted to be loved truly.

thus I broke up with him.

the much love he promised me wasn't enough to me.




77. The only person who ever loved me never loved




24. Our breakup was really nasty.

During the relationship, I tried my best to make it work and to make him happy

and he pretty much had me wrapped around his finger.

I think he took advantage of the fact I would always be there,

and he know it.

Finally he broke it off and told me.

I would be happy without him.




9. Cheat on my boyfriend while we were doing long distance.

After five years , we broke up

He started sleeping with 19 years old girl and they are still dating.

Good for them.

I don’t care anymore.

We’re friends.




6. The thing is a I cheated on him...with a guy from oversea

because I was really drunk and horny.

The sun was already down and the sea was already wild.

I was young and he was free and fortunately I wasn’t.

and I have to pee...HMMMM

I pee all over him and the sun came up and the sea was gone.


I got old and I pee all over myself and the sea wasn’t free.








58. My name is YEYE. I have loved a boy called cwd... but He never say he like me or not. after school exam, He has fall in love with a girl. not me.


That's all