Art Work

 Gloomy Monday 


Hyesoo Park punched out negative words and phrases from Monday newspapers in various countries for Gloomy Monday, and from newspapers of 15 countries in Negative Song thus, creating contrasting beautiful music for each music box. The more negative the article, the more complex and intricate the musical piece is played. For both works, each time the visitor plays the music box the music floods through the entire exhibit space by way of the loudspeakers on the third and fourth floors and the radio-shaped speaker of the gallery stairwell landing respectively. 


작가는 세계 여러 나라의 월요일 신문만을 골라 부정적 단어에 구멍을 뚫어 오르골 멜로디 악보를 제작했다. 악보의 구조를 다양한 버전으로 2015년부터 발표해 오고 있다.



 Gloomy Monday_2021_The Busan Daily Newspaper,(March 15, Monday), music box, aluminum canisterr_variable size_Busan(KR)

부산일보 3월 15일자 월요일신문, 오르골, 원통_가변크기



BUsan Museum odf Art (KR)



Negative Words 부정적 단어들



Gloomy Monday _2021_The Dong-A Daily Newspaper(January 25, Monday), music box, microphone, amplifier, loudspeaker,wood spool__variable size_Gyeonggi-do(KR)

오르골, 2021, 1월 25일 월요일 신문(동아일보)으로 만든 악보, 오르골, 마이크, 엠프, 확성기_가변크기






 Gloomy Monday_2015, clipping from the Monday edition of The Guardian(UK:Nov~Dec 2015) and Chosun Daily Newspaper(KR:Aug~Sep 2015), melody box,wood spool_variable dimensions_Collection Van Laethem-Croux_ Hasselt, BE









 Gloomy Monday_2015_Gasworks Studio_London, UK




Negative Song


Negative Song, 2015, Newspapers from 15 countries, melody box_variable dimensions, collection Hendricks-Mannaerts



Gloomy Monday 는 Nagative Song에서 발전한 작품입니다.
Gloomy Monday is a work developed by Nagative Song.