2000 M.F.A College of Fine Arts, EWHA Womans Univ, Seoul, South Korea


1997 B.F.A College of Fine Arts, EWHA Womans Univ, Seoul, South Korea



Artist Registry


New York Drawing Center Viewing Program (NY)


SoMA Drawing Center (Seoul, KR)



Residency Program


2021 H-Art Lab(1 year)_Seoul, Korea


2019 White Block Residency(longterm)_Cheonan, Korea


2017 Shinheung Public Art in Residency(2 years)_Seongnam, Korea


2015 Gasworks Residency(3 Month)_London, United Kingdom


2014 Jan Van Eyck Academie (longterm)_Maastricht, Netherlands


2011 HONGEUN Seoul Art Space _Seoul, Korea


2010~2009 GOYANG National Art Studio,(long term)_Gyeonggi, Korea


2009 Aomori Contemporary Art Center-Autumn Program_Aomori, Japan


2009-2008 Seoul City NANJI Art Studio, 3rd Artist (long term)_Seoul, Korea


2007 Studio DI Art (June ~ August)_ Erice, Italy





2020 Forum Theater:URI_Wishful Book, KR 


2017 Script book 'Definition of Botong'_Wishful Book, KR


2016 Miscellany 'Nowhere Man'_Wishful Book, KR


2015 Essay ' Map of Nowhere'_Wishful Book, KR


2012 Research report 'The Dream thrown away'_Wishful Book, KR


2011 Essay 'What's Missing',_Edu Mentor, KR



Lecture Career (since 2002)


2013~2006 Ewha Womans Univ (Seoul, Korea)_3 dimensional studio / basic sculpture / form & space  


2011~2010 Chungbuk Univ (Chungjoo, Korea)_painting material and methods studio


2007~2005 Kyungwon Univ (yunggi, Korea)_teaching methods in fine art


2007~2005 Ulsan Univ (Ulsan, Korea)_basic sculpture, modern sculpture history


2007~2002 Hanyang Univ (Seoul,Korea)_basic expression, design&expression, understanding of fine art (liberal arts)



Public Lecture


2020 Forum Theater <New Normal Family>,<How do artists make money?>_Ilmin Museum, Seoul, KR_>>>


2018 Symposium <From Vertical to Horizontal: The Changed Conditions of Art Production>_MMCA(KR)


2011 TedX EWHA 3rd-"Non-Individual Personal Choice"_ECC Hall(Ewha Womans Univ) >>> 




Solo Exhibitions


2020 Come Closer, But Not That Close_Kyobo Art Space_Seoul, KR 


2018 Community Platform 3377_Shinheungdong Public Art Gallery_ Seongnam, KR


2017 Nowhere Man_This Weekend Room_Seoul, KR


2017 Nowhere Man_Shinheungdong Public Art Gallery_ Seongnam, KR


2016 Now Here is Nowhere_SoungEun Art Space_Seoul, KR


2011 What's Missing -Posco Museum_Seoul, KR


2010 Missing_Gallery Hyundai Window gallery_Seoul, KR


2008 The Locked Room_Gallery Won_Seoul, KR


2006 Forest of Time_Sempio Factory Space, I-choun & Gallery WHAN_Seoul, KR


2004 The Time to Depth_Gallery BIIM_ Seoul, KR


2001 The Depth on the Surface_artWiLL Gallery_ Seoul, KR


2000 The Depth of Time_Deockwon Gallery_ Seoul, KR


Projects Dialogue (since 2009~/ solo Exhibition)


2019  Project Dialogue Vol.4-Our Unknown Country_MMCA_ Seoul, KR


2017 Project Dialogue Vol.2-Goodbye to Love _Chapter Ⅱ Window Gallery_Seoul. KR


2013 Project Dialogue Vol.3-Definition of Botong(Archive)_Songeun Art Space_Seoul, KR


2012 The Dream You Thrown Away(research report)_Platoon Kunsthalle_Seoul, KR 


2011 Project Dialogue Vol.1-Dream Dust_Kumho Museum_Seoul, KR


2011 Project Dialogue Vol.1-A Drift in the Dream_Hongeun Art center_Seoul. KR


2009 Into Drawing 10-Dialogue-Archive _SOMA Drawing Center_Seoul,KR



Selected Group Exhibition (since 2005)

2021 The Nature of Art_Busan Museum of Art, Busan, KR


2021 Fortune Telling_Ilmin Museum, Seoul, KR


2021 They Were Quite Fond of Slopes_Are Center White Block, Gyeonggi, KR


2021 TRAUMA:15 MINUTES_DMA, Daejeon, KR


2021 Art D-Ram <Broken Heart Guide>_Art Space Art Moment,KR


2020 The Better Man 1948-2020: Pick your representative for the National Assembly_Ilmin Museum, Seoul, KR


2020 Reality Error_Nam June Paik Art Center, Gyeonggi, KR


2019 Viborg Animation Festival_NYT Viborg Museum, Viborg, DK

2019 The Phenomenon of the Mind : Facing Yourself_Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Busan, KR


2019 The 69 Times of Sunrise_Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, KR


2019 Taepyeong Binzip Project '1 that does not disappear'_ Taepyeong4dong, KR


2018 SCENE & UNSEEN_Castled'Aspremont-Lynden, OUD-REKEM, BE


2018 Flip Book_Ilmin Museum, Seoul, KR


2018 Hard Boiled and Toxic_Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Gyeonggi, KR


2018 re:Sense_SpaceC, Seoul, KR


2018 Post 88_Soma Museum, Seoul, KR


2018 Art of Everyday: Object_Museum SAN, Wonju, KR


2017 Do It Seoul_Ilmin Museum, Seoul, KR


2017 Paper Taking Shape_Museum SAN, Wonju, KR


2017 Border 155_Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR


2017 Recent Work Gallery_This Weekend Room, Seoul, KR


2017 Residency Intro_Shinheungdong Public Art Gallery_ Seongnam, KR


2016 Do Boomerangs Always Come Back?_Castle Castled'Aspremont-Lynden, OUD-REKEM, BE


2016 Somewhere @ Nowhere_SOMA Museum_Seoul, KR


2016 Artifariti 2016_Cicus, Elbutron_Sevilla, ESP


2016 The Moon, Round Like a Little Plate_Daegu Art Factory_Daegu, KR


2016 Up Beat_Seoul Dance Center_Seoul, KR


2015 Open Studio_Jan van Eyck Academie_Maastrcht, NL


2015 Salon de SeMA_Seoul Museum Of Art_Seoul, KR


2015 Winter Open Studio_Gasworks_London, UK


2015 Future Love Nature_ZZP Fabrek_Maastricht, NL


2015 APMAP-Researcher's Way_AMORE Pacific Mauseum of Art_Youngin, KR


2015 Future is Now_Friche la Belle de Mai_Marseille, FR


2015 Defibrillator_L153_Seoul, KR


2015 Mindful Mindless_Soma Museum_Seoul,KR


2014 The Future is Now_Maxxi Museum_Rome, IT


2014 Inner Voice_DanWon Museum_Ansan, KR


2013 LOVE Impossible_MoA Museum_ Seoul, KR


2013 The Future is Now_National Museum of Contemporary Art_Gyeonggi, KR


2013 New & Now _Seoul Museum Of Art_Seoul, KR


2013 The Memory in two Cities:from Seoul to Beijing_Citizen Gallery in Seoul City hall_Seoul, KR


2012 Language But No Words_Space MOM museum of Art_Chungju, KR


2011 Sema 2010-Chasm in Image_Seoul Museum Of Art_Seoul, KR


2011 Another Summer_Sungkok Art Museum_Seoul, KR


2011 The Study _Savina Museum_Seoul, KR


2011 No Map_Hongeun Art Center_Seoul, KR


2011 Do Window_Gallery Hyundai_Seoul, KR


2011 10 Fantacy Poems_Dats Museum Gyeonggi, KR


2011 Chung Buk Univ's 60th Years Memorial Exhibition_Chungbuk Art Gallery_Chungju, KR


2010 Up and Comers _Total Museum_Seoul,  KR


2010 Sema 2010-Chasm in Image_Seoul Museum Of Art_Seoul, KR


2010 Propose 7 vol.5 _Kumho Museum_Seoul, KR


2010 Close Encounter (Jeju Museum of Art_Jeju Island, KR


2010 Open Studio _Goyang Art Studio_Gyeonggi, KR


2010 Save the Earth _Kumho Museum_Seoul, KR


2010 In ABSENTIA_Dongduck Art Gallery_Seoul, KR


2010 Residency Parade_INCHON Art Platform_Inchon, KR


2009 HOME_ Aomori Contemporary Art Center_Aomori, JP


2009 Against the Sculpture _Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, KR


2009 International INCHON Women artist's Biennale' INCHON Art Platform_Inchon, KR


2009 Fragrance - Timeless Enchantment_ EWHA Womans Univ Museum_Seoul, KR


2009 9th Songeun Arts Award_ Insa Art Plaza_Seoul, KR


2009 4th Posco Steel Art the Award_ Posco Gallery_Seoul, KR


2009 Drawing the Time_Gainro Gallery_Seoul,KR


2009 Fusion 304' _Grimson Gallery_Seoul, KR


2008 Freeze..Thaw!_Space Zandari_Seoul, KR


2008 Museum Festival_ Seoul Museum of Art_Seoul, KR


2008 EWHA Young Aritist_EWHA Womans Univ Gallery_Seoul, KR


2007 Art process 2007_ palazzo della Vicaria_Trapani City, IT


2007 Studio DiART_DI ART Gallery_Rice, IT


2006 Fragile Beauty –I’ll be your mirror_Primo piano livin gallery_Lecce, IT


2006 Art & Cook_ SEJONG Culture Center_Seoul, KR


2005 The Builder_Gallery KIMI_Seoul, KR


2005 A pain & Cure Space -Deep Place Alone_ the Munhwa daily news gallery_Seoul, KR


* the group exhibition from 1997 to 2004 is skipped.




Awards & Emerging Artist Selection


2019 Korea Artist Prize 2019_MMCA_ Seoul, KR 


2015 Overseas Residency Supporting Program_ Arts Council Korea (ARKO)


2014 The 13th SongEun Arts Award-Grand Prize _SongEun Art  Foundation_Seoul, KR


2013 Exchange Artist with Beijing & Seoul_Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_Seoul, KR


2011 Posco Museum Solo Exhibition Supporting Artist_Posco Musuem_Seoul, KR


2010 10th Kumho Young Artist_KumHo Museum_Seoul, KR


2009 9th SongEun Arts Award-Win a Prize_SongEun Art Foundation_Seoul, KR


2009 SOMA Solo Exhibition Supporting Artist-SOMA Museum_Seoul, KR


2009 4th Posco Steel Art the Award-Win a Prize_Posco Chungam Foundation_Seoul, KR


2008 New York Drawing Center Viewing Program -Artist Registry_New York, USA


2008 SeMA Seoul Museum of Art Emerging Artist Supporting_Seoul, KR


2008 3rd SOMA Drawing Center Artist Registry _Seoul, KR


2006 Sempio Emerging Artist Supporting Program_Sempio Factory Space_Gyeonggi, KR


2006 Young Artist Solo Exhibition Supporting Gallery WHAN-Seoul, KR


2005 Emerging Artist Program 'KIMI for You'_Gallery KIMI_Seoul, KR


2004 Biim Young Artist Solo Exhibition Supporting Program-Gallery Biim_Seoul, KR


2002 artWill Emerging Artist Supporting Program_ artWiLL Gallery_Seoul, KR


2000 4th Hong-Ik University Outdoor Sculpture Festival _Special Selection_Jochiwon, KR


1997 5th Korea Christian Artists Award-Win a Prize_Seoul, KR



Foundation & Grants


2021 New Arts Support Fellowship_Gyeonggi Culture Foundation_KR


2020 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR


2020 Gyeonggi Arts Convergence Project[Art X]_Gyeonggi Culture Foundation_KR


2018  Supporting the New Artwork of Artist, Gyeonggi Culture Foundation_KR


2017 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR


2017 Artist Dispatch Project, Korean Welfare Foundation_KR


2016 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR


2016 Art Support Fellowship, Korean Welfare Foundation_KR


2014 Overseas Residency Program Support Fellowship, Arts Council Korea_KR


2014 Jan Van Eyck Academie Artist Support Fund_Maastricht, NL


2012 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR


2010 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR


2009 Art Support Fellowship, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture_KR





MMCA_Seoul, KR


Seoul Museum Of Art_Seoul, KR


ART Bank (National Museum of Contemporary Art)_Gwacheon, KR

Museum of Contemporary of Busan_Busan_KR

ART Bank (Gyeonggi Culture Foundation)_KR


Collection Hendrickx-Mannaerts_Schoton, BE


Collection Sabine Koklenberg_Temse, BE


Collection Van Laethem-Croux_Hasselt, BE


Songeun Foundation_Seoul, KR


Kumho Museum_Seoul, KR


Dat Museum _Gyunggi, KR


DiART Gallery_Erice, IT




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