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Map of n o w h e r e- Hyesoo Park
Wishful Book (1st edition, 5th March 2015), 96 p, 2 color, 10 euro(10.000 won), 12.8x18cm
ISBN: 978-89-969239-3-0 



I ask people about their happiness.
It seems people feel uncomfortable about the question. The reason I ask that question is because I want to know whether I am happy.
I am not really happy, but that doesn’t mean that I am miserable.
“Am I really happy?”
Korean people constantly work. The reason why we work so hard, with little time to be sleeping or eating, and much sacrifice of our personal time, is because
we want to 
be ‘happy’.
The world around me is full of 
nervous workaholics.
We all work hard, 
making agonies for ourselves, not only because we wish to be happy, but also at least so that we are not miserable.
Day by day, the 
joy of life will fade out, will power becomes weakened, and emotional feelings are irritating.
Fluttering feelings get old. So does myself.
I fear that I am coming to believe that it is at least fortunate that I am in an uncertain state, between being not unhappy and being not miserable.

















Map of nowhere is an image psychology map through which artist Hyesoo Park sees depression, low happiness levels, over stress, and the high suicide rates Korean people today suffer as typical psychological problems and explores the associated causes of such problems.
This work consists of related articles, literary works, the artist’s essays and images.
This map is based on the realities of Korean society, but interconnections of each element are subjectively interpreted by the artist.