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What’s Missing:Memory_ 5 thousands Keys, key chain, frame, safe _variable dimensions





" A lock without key found by accident…
The key is one of the most frequent runaway items from people. Nowadays, many keys have been changed to numbers, the keys that lock something,

though they are transformed into numbers, still often escape from memory.

Things that disappear in imperceptible moment… Dreams, youth, hope, first love were like that.

It is still bearable as long as we know what has been lost. When it comes to a moment as they became so dull and can’t remember what has been lost in the end and

what was supposed to be recalled, finally, only the husk remains. As Albert Camus said “Life change more from the loss than the gain”, what did I lose to gain?

I decided not to try to open the safe until I find the key."



무엇이 사라지고 있는가:기억_2018_5000개의 분실한 열쇠, 금고, 열쇠고리, 액자_가변크기


우연히 발견한 잠겨져 있던 금고를 억지로 열지 않고 맞는 열쇠를 찾기위해 수집하기 시작한 열쇠들과 열쇠 고리들로 이루어진 설치작품입니다.

2012년에 시작된 작품이 2018년 5000개의 열쇠로 늘어났습니다.




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 Key & Key Chains











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