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Book> Drawing in the Studio vol.1 – What’s Missing

This book is a collection of my essays, artist statements, poems, drawings, and work-images, published in 2010. (180 pages) It addresses trivial events in life, questions, and content about society and art, (including a diary from an artist residency) alongside 30 sculptures, paintings, and installations. 





Artist Park Hye-soo has explored her creation at a linking point between life and art, art and religion. This exhibition is to celebrate and release of What’s missing, a collection of her artwork,

work diaries, travel notes, and essays she wrote over the last 10 years. The book features essays she wrote, while observing the boundary between life and art very closely.

Its paradoxical title and work method produces diverse modes of work.

The exhibition of 35 pieces embodying the content of her writings suggest that those who fail to see or disregard the invaluable and essential in their monotonously repetitive daily lives must look back on their lives, the lives of others, and their correlations.



전시> Draing in Studio vol.1-Draing in Studio vol.1-무엇이 사라지고 있는가.



Drawing in Studio – What’s missing?

It seems conceptual artists who are reluctant to account for their work write a book. I am like these artists, and even unkind. As my work has accumulated over time, people are curious about it and often confused.

Art is by nature to give people a new opportunity and experience. I feel a need to let them know of my intention and propensity.

Even if I write a book, at the show people probably ask “What is this?”

But for now, this is my best option. I feel awkward talking with an artist at a gallery or museum, and am cautious about accounting for my work myself.

As a child I used to scribble my ideas, but now often write rambling stories. Looking back over ten years, writing has enabled me to discover the new and offer a solution to questions about the future.

I cannot find a key in a messy room. I feel I can discover the key after arranging the room. Upon entering it I find another locked room. If I search through each corner, the room will again become a mess.

People ask me what I do when I do not work. I at times imagine the whimsical, question what I see everyday, observe people, and go to a place I have never been to.

And I spend time recording all this.

Some say this is work, but it is a delightful game for me. I just do as I like, as I think, and as my mind works. I present an exhibition after gathering such stories.

But before starting another 10 years,

I need a game unarranged.


Drawing in Studio 무엇이 사라지고 있는가.



2010년 작업을 시작한지 어언 10년이 되어가면서 그동안 생각만으로만 머물렀거나, 드로잉만 가지고 있거나, 미발표한 작 품들을 설치,회화, 조각,사진 작품 30여점과 글, 시로 엮어진 작가 에세이집 '무엇이 사라지고 있는가.'를 출간했습니다.  책에는 그간 개인전이나 그룹전에 선보이지 못한 독립된 작품들과 작가 노트 그리고 레지던시 이야기 및 현재 진행하고 있는 Project 에대한 이야기가 일기와 기행문 형식으로 적혀져 있습니다.  그간 전시에서 보여주지 못한 작은 크기의 조각과 평면 작품들이 주로 선보이고 있습니다.