Art Work


The balloon which does not inflate_2011_glass, balloon, wood_60x13x55cm


“I wish to stop trying so hard.

I miss voices with sincerity.

I gave up a long time ago.

In the time of regret,

All the things that I want to do,

disappear slowly.

If there is no practice,

wings cannot make you fly.

they only become a heavy burden.

Instead of living life for nothing,

It would be nice to fly in the sky once.”




부풀지 않는 풍선_풍선, 유리, 나무_60x13x55cm


계속 참고 누르다보면

어느새 나는 법을 잃어버리듯이

하고싶은 일도 미루기만 한다면

결국 그들이 떠나간다.

어쩔 수 없이 사는 것 보다는 한번쯤은 하늘을 날아도 좋겠지.