Repeated habitual time, like a never ending, repeat same day, no movement... there're no extraordinary and special thing.
sometimes I couldn't feel myself alive in these time. 
Life may be full with such like the time. I meat that's not problem for people couln't recognize that time, that is very natural ting. It's more tired life If people always have to live in special time.
However I mean just don't  forget like this ordinary, boring time and hope my work to help people can realize their own time.
Quiet and slow changes...
Time of the nature and human beings.
 Artist Heysoo, Park have been looking for a moving time in her prior works.  the beginning was from nature. because human is also nature. Activities such as collecting natural objects, dyeing trees, drawing the Sun by using a magnifying glass...
 The courses of her collection was realized her living as nature.
 Recently she is showing some space work specially thinking space correspond to life. and her work ask some question to audience 
 "who I am", "where I am and how I am living". only oneself might answer these questions. 
 Image: Stand with my own time 
시간의 숲 -4회 개인전 (샘표스페이스 2006.3.31-5.1) 
 "너무나 평범하고 특별할 것도 없이 되풀이되는, 습관처럼 흘러가 버린 시간. 느끼지도 못할 뿐 아니라 자신의 존재변화까지도 감지하지 못하게끔 되어 버린, 반복되고, 써 버리고, 끝나지 않을 것만 같은 평범한 시간...
아마 인생의 70~80%가 그러한 시간들일 겁니다..느끼지 못하는게 문제가 아니라. 오히려 당연한 거겠죠..
매 순간, 의미를 생각하고 곱씹어야한다면 그 또한 피곤한 일일겁니다.
다만, 잊고지내진 말았으면 하고, 제 작품이 그러한 시간의 존재를 환기시킬 수 있었으면 좋겠습니다"
-작가와의 대화 중