Goodbye to Love

Survey Broken Heart Story (since 2013)

Artist Hyesoo Park has been collecting real stories from people's past :

especially, those personal stories about failure, invaluable story, personal memories and everyday life.

This project focuses on lost love. So, she have collected the broken heart Stories told by ordinary visitors at the Jan Van Eyck academy (NL 2014) and MoA Museum(Seoul, Korea 2013).

Park collected 50 kinds of broken heart story using typewriter which she had installed at the cafe of JVE in Sep 2014~ Dec 2014.

Then she requested participant artists of JVE to write a new story(fiction) which was based on the collected real broken heart stories. there was no specific form and quantity in new writing and artists could write and read it with their own language.

And Park creates a confuse space where coexists with real and fiction through mixing the fiction and real story in Open studio in JVE(2015).

reading & interview lovecas



Voice: Anne Callahan, Cedar Lewisohn, Martin La Roche, Matylda Krzykowski, Hyesoo Park- participant artists of JVE(2014 season)

* If you want to join this survey, send email with your broken heart story. (

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1. I threw all her shit out the window..

and immediately regretted it.

She was a bitch

But I loved her.

Joking..... Joking.




2. Not true.

I was not a bitch.,

and he didn’t love me.




3. After out break up I didn’t feel any sadness in me.

or anything that may be felt by someone.

That I just had a break up.

Maybe It’s because we had been a long distance relationship for a long time.

And our love may be faded.




4. ZUZA says that her ex-boyfriends hates her.

It’s so sad. I wanna cry...




5. As her coffee is getting cold wondering where he is,

now smoking his cigarette trying to forget her.




22. I... didn't know.

I have been your nuisance.

It's no use to write letter again

Actually I'm really pissed that you'd said so.

I really didn't know.




23. I met him at Portugal. and e took a bus.

I told him It was over.

He felt the same.

"I don’t regret of nothing", he said.

"I’ still thinking if there was something."

anyway, It’s over now.




32. How was I supposed to know..

Things could not get any worse when..

Our future seemed so bright..

If you like then you should a put a ring on it.

Sad stories all over the world.




35. For three years she thought I was magic.

One day I decided to do a trick,

so I did a disappearing act.




45. One day I met this girl.

one thing I know, I really liked her.

I need more than 12 years to realize that at the end I can't be with her.




47. I should have, Would have, Could have

You will always and forever be my first.

I was very sad Love impossible,




10. She let me know it's quite painful to be alone.




13. It all started out as something worth living for:

I thought It was love, but as It turns out it wasn’t.

She was the first woman I ever loved, but I was just a material to her.

Something she could have, use,

something that made her feel like she had a purpose in life.

When I finally realized...

It was impossible to get rid of her,

she wouldn’t let me go. I had to lie about cheating on her (and getting very sick) to finally be free .




18. I love him and he went away. I just couldn’t stop dreaming him.




50.  Last Christmas I gave you my heart.

But the very next day you said you were

gat no wait

gay yeah

sad Life.




52. I will thank you for all those days you made better.

Forget all about me and meet someone better.




56. Dear. my love

I can't find a word to express how I feel now.

you mean everything.

you mean everything to me.




63. Living in this world means that you meet and depart with many people.

I, for one, keep one person in my heart.




64. I think it was the best for us to end our relationship.

and I really wish him the best.




67. A sleepless night will never come again,

I have no confidence to see your smiling face again.

so, I wish your unhappiness.

I wish you're not happy,

ever so much..




69. please, these bad experience will never return again.




49. I met a guy.

I liked him

Unfortunately our love was not possible.

I support homosexuality.

But he was gay.

Life is short so live your dreams even if they mean living wait so someone.

My first kiss tasted like tears.




72. she's gone on a rainy day.

It's raining today.




75. we lived another time.




33. At first I pathetically tried to get him not to,

but then we talked over the phone and made It official decision.

I was torn apart at the core.

I don’t think I’d ever given so much to someone in my life.












14. I tried really hard to break up with a liar.




20. No explanation she just left me when I was at my worst with no one to turn to.

She was talking to someone as soon as we broke up so that hurt more than anything.

Now everything reminds me of her.




29. He told me want to be single..




62. I can't forget her who engendered love to me who rejected love.




31. Girls are much stronger than boys

When breaking up.




37. I am alone

It is the measure of a man to know when he is wrong.

and men are usually wrong.




38. I gave up on love.

We’ll never see again

I wish you are not happy.

I wish you are unhappy than me .

I wish he love you less.

For someone new





43. I am totally exhausted because of her.




54. I said 'let's break up', but we couldn't so.




39. She was in for a pleasure, but to afraid she would too intimate.

She only let me caress her with her back turned to me.

It’s ok, but It got boring after some time.




71. I Love Him,

He never loved me .

so, I let him go.




70. We haven't broken up yet, but I hope so.




76. I wanted to be loved truly.

thus I broke up with him.

the much love he promised me wasn't enough to me.




77. The only person who ever loved me never loved




24. Our breakup was really nasty.

During the relationship, I tried my best to make it work and to make him happy

and he pretty much had me wrapped around his finger.

I think he took advantage of the fact I would always be there,

and he know it.

Finally he broke it off and told me.

I would be happy without him.




9. Cheat on my boyfriend while we were doing long distance.

After five years , we broke up

He started sleeping with 19 years old girl and they are still dating.

Good for them.

I don’t care anymore.

We’re friends.




6. The thing is a I cheated on him...with a guy from oversea

because I was really drunk and horny.

The sun was already down and the sea was already wild.

I was young and he was free and fortunately I wasn’t.

and I have to pee...HMMMM

I pee all over him and the sun came up and the sea was gone.


I got old and I pee all over myself and the sea wasn’t free.








58. My name is YEYE. I have loved a boy called cwd... but He never say he like me or not. after school exam, He has fall in love with a girl. not me.


That's all