Before 2008



2002~2003_wood, photos Installation(wall)_50×40×30cm(wood) 
For one year long I was working on this project. With a magnifying glass I burnt the surface of wood block along its annual growth ring on it. On the same location outdoor and using only direct sun light I was trying to grasp the speed of nature. It felt like making a drawing. To help audience to understand this process I also documented it with photography. The one thousand pictures on the wall show the flow of time along with the woodblock.
artist note>
I am alive? When do you feel lived? 
Why am I not feeling lived? in face of breathing and moving?  
My senior told me, because I don't have any child. 
I don't know Whats this got to do with living? but they said when I breed a lived thing, I'm feel more alive.
As I watch it's growing, I became awake to my change. 
I haven't breed any animal or plants, but I like to making and recording something, so I decided to bread lived something in my way. 
The most changing one... I decide to bread the sun. 
If I bread it 4 seasons, I felt to know so I have gone to mountain where there's no high buildings, and I have lived there for one year.  
Every shining day, I collected sunshine, put it on my wood. 
I chose wood, because it had already made a rough sketch by time record. 
The sun grew faster than I thought. 
as I moved around everywhere to collected sunshine with wood all day, I surely saw the change. and as often as I move, it grew faster and bigger.  
It's clear thing to see that small to change make boring day into vividness.

gallery Biim (2004 Seoul, KR)