Before 2008

The room of hidden time_2008_light, sound,sensor_variable dimensions 

Where the stuffs people had thrown away have gone? The things people lost and have been thrown away hide behind the wall when there is a sign of the audience being around. 

-the light and sound in this room turn on only empty state.
When an audience enter this room, every light and sound turn off, then the people get out of this room, they turn on again. 
사람들이 버린 것들은 어디로 가버렸을까?

사람들이 잃어버린, 버림받은 것들이 숨어버린 공간으로, 관객들의 인기척이 느껴지면 벽 뒤쪽으로 모습을 숨긴다.