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Ask Your Scent (2005~2009)

Conceptual & Performance (30 kinds of pure perfume) at the SEJONG ART center 2005


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관객의 심리테스트를 통해 자신의 향을 찾아주는 일종의 개념 퍼포먼스 작업 (30여가지의 향료, 혼합재료)


"What kind of scent have I ?"

This work is an audience-participating work that think about people's psychological tendencies with fragrance. After a simple psychological test, a perfume matching each result is mixed, and finally, a human skin scent is added.


Performance> Ask Your Scent – 30 kinds of perfume, psychological test sheet.

An audience submitted the result of an image-based psychological test to the perfumer(the artist) to make own perfume. The artist begins making perfume based on these results.

Each audience’s constellation-perfume and bloody-type perfume are also added. (In the East, people often believe blood type reflects a person’s character and disposition.)

The resulting perfumes will be made by blending 5-8 odors, and will be named by the artist. As with conventional perfume, it will contain natural and chemical ingredients, but unlike conventional perfume,

it will invite viewers to consider their disposition while viewing the process of making perfume, (and so dis-likable perfumes will sometimes be made.) While making each perfume, the perfumer will ask questions of viewers so the perfume reflects their disposition and personality. 

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 Perfume Storage _2006~2009_ participant’s perfumes (perfume bottles), lighting_variable dimensions



 People’s Fragrance _2006~2009_body odor from 3000 audience, glass bottles for experimentation, lighting_ variable dimensions


The body odors will be gathered while producing each person’s perfume. They will be contained in a laboratory grade glass bottle for distillation. People will be allowed to smell each distilled perfume.




이 작업은 추후 '대화'프로젝트 Vol.1 '꿈의 먼지' 의 '오래된 약국'에 활용됩니다.



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