your beauty

Survey the beauty created by others (since 2015)

Only in the beauty created
by others is there consolation,
in the music of others and in others’ poems.
Only others save us,
even though solitude tastes like
opium. The others are not hell,
if you see them early, with their
foreheads pure, cleansed by dreams.
That is why I wonder what
word should be used, "he" or "you." Every "he"
is a betrayal of a certain "you" but
in return someone else’s poem
offers the fidelity of a sober dialogue.


-'The Beauty Created by Others' by Adam Zagajewski (Translated)
From “Without End” (New and Selected Poems) by Adam Zagajewski

I have started a new survey about 'BEAUTY ' since 2015.

As time goes by people haven't talked about own beauty. however I deeply agreed with one sentence in the poem 'The Beauty Created by Others' .

"Only in the beauty created by others is there consolation"

Even though people have been interested in the appearance rather than the beauty of others.

Now I want to listen the story about your own beauty with your language or drawing.