Goodbye to Love

Survey Broken Heart Story (since 2013)

Artist Hyesoo Park has been collecting real stories from people's past :

especially, those personal stories about failure, invaluable story, personal memories and everyday life.

This project focuses on lost love. So, she have collected the broken heart Stories told by ordinary visitors at the Jan Van Eyck academy (NL 2014) and MoA Museum(Seoul, Korea 2013).

Park collected 50 kinds of broken heart story using typewriter which she had installed at the cafe of JVE in Sep 2014~ Dec 2014.

Then she requested participant artists of JVE to write a new story(fiction) which was based on the collected real broken heart stories. there was no specific form and quantity in new writing and artists could write and read it with their own language.

And Park creates a confuse space where coexists with real and fiction through mixing the fiction and real story in Open studio in JVE(2015).

reading & interview lovecas



Voice: Anne Callahan, Cedar Lewisohn, Martin La Roche, Matylda Krzykowski, Hyesoo Park- participant artists of JVE(2014 season)

* If you want to join this survey, send email with your broken heart story. (

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30. For the first time I thought that I can be a lesbian because of her.






15. After two years together IBN high school, we decided to break up.


I started dating his pseudo-friend, Taylor.


My ex-boyfriend was not happy about it.


The night before we all left for college, my ex-boyfriend went to Taylor’s house and stabbed Taylor’s father on the lawn after they got into an argument about my new relationship.


My ex-boyfriend spent the night in Jail.


And left for university the next day,


He’s still on probation.






26. I grew up here just around the corner.


My parents were both students of art(35 years ago).


They told me that at this institute organized some basement party’s with music.


and they remembered some show with laser.


somewhere projected out of whole of a wall in this building.


I think it is still there,