Before 2008


I am alive? When do you feel alived yourself?
Why don't I feel alived even if I'm breathing and moving?  
My senior told me, because I don't have any child.
I don't know What's this got to do with living? but they said when I breed a lived thing, I can feel alive mood.
As I watch it's growing, I become awake to my change.
I haven't breed any animal or plants, but I'm fond of making and recording something, so I decided to bread a livings omething in my way.
I decide to bread the sun.
so I had been to mountain without no high buildings, and I lived there for one year.  
Every shining day, I collected sunshine, put it on my wood.
I chose wood, because it already had  been made a rough sketch by time record.
The sun moved fast than I thought.
as I moved around everywhere to collected sunshine with wood in all day, I surely saw the change. and as often as I moved, it got bigger and bigger.  
It was so busy daies and I realized how much effort need to make this peace. I really respect a farmer.
Which way am' I going ?
To see where am I going, I have to know how does time goes in advance. there are many stoies about time, peoples have various figure like a life style.              
The time of man surly moves slowly compared with animal , plant and season . so a people has an illusion presence as eternity and time looks like a boring and almost stop.
that have made a people wastes time.
I'm afraid that essential truth has hidden in the disguisement of bowing and no changing. the change of existence never happen quickly, and in generally every slow movement
have a very important, valuable change. now this slow time makes me changing too.

2002년 부터 진행하고 있는 작업으로, 기존의 깊이(시간의 체험)는 자연물들을 체집함으로써 은유적으로 나타낸 것에 반하여 이 작업에선 깊이에 까지 이르는 시간을 은유적이고 함축적인 것이 아닌 과정을 본격적으로 작품의 구성 요소로서 나타내고 있다.

때문에 이제까지 자연물 뒤에 숨어있던 작가의 모습과 행위들이 직접적으로 작품으로 나타나며 이는 시간을 기록으로 남기는 사진 매체를 통해 이루어진다.

작품은 자연물을 채집하여 어떤 형상물(기록물)을 만드는 것이 아니라 어떤 형상물리 만들어지는 과정을 하나의 시간의 공간으로 형성, 관객이 작품 속에서 시간을 직접 체험하여 느린 시간을 경험하게 된다.