Art Work

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Routine of others_2007_ salt, pot, speaker(sound), stone,light_100x100x80cm


space palazzo della Vicaria in the Trapani Sicily


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Daily routine is boring and its the same for everybody. People no longer find any beauty, surprises or pleasure in it.


The Routine of others

But if people break away their routine, they come to realize the value of daily life.

It isn’t that they didnt know the value, its just that they couldn’t see it by themselves, because they are inside it.

The routine of the Trapani people is very new to me, because Im a stranger.

If you look at your daily life in detail, you can see it’s beauty,.

If you look at it for a long time, you can feel it’s loveliness.

I am creating new work here, but from a stranger’s view point.


Installation View




Audience can hear the sound from the salt

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 Audience find own name card on the ceiling