project <Goodbye to LOVE> (2013) 

I installed automatic typewriter for on-going project 'goodbye to Love'' of mine inside JVE cafe. 
This typewriter is for collecting the breakup stories told by ordinary visitors at the Jan Van Eyck 


It sounds emotionally, but I'm looking for social problem through individual stories. the Korean has been dreamed no more, given up their love, has been losing friendly person. and people have started to justify personally 'We can sufficiently live without love' or 'Marriage life is sufficiently possible without love'.
Furthermore marriage in Korea society already became a business for a long time ago. and this phenomenon led to the highest divorce rate in the world.

In these meaning this project  focuses on lost love to evoke the worth of love.
 I have been collected real stories from 300 people last year in Korea. and I try to continue this survey at the JVE for the interesting comparative culture data and I plan to contain collected your stories in the book which I try to publish at JVE 2014


You can write on the story which you have suffered or heard before. (It must be real story)

* please, feel free to write on the roll paper. this typewriter will be there during 1~2 month.

(if you want private paper sheet, I prepared the paper below the typewriter. Just leave your paper into the grey box after writing.)

many  thanks!