AMOREPACIFIC R&D/HRD centers(Yongin, KR) 

2015.8.7~ 10.25 
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Hyesoo Park, Toward the world's best beauty, 2015, steel, text, sound, loudspeaker, flag, various dimensions.

AOMORE company is  one of the famous and powerful cosmetic brand in Asia.
They has requested participant artists research related with beauty in this exhibition, and 15 artists have represented in the outdoor works with their result of research.


My work is saying about 'Beauty Pressure'.
Nowadays Korea's plastic surgery is famous in the world.
It has become a symbol of wealth and life culture. It means that  'Lookism'  is widespread in South Korea.

If a foreigner visits the Seoul, visitor can find the AD of cosmetic and plastic surgery easily in public place like bus, subway, station, street and they can also  hear a pop song relevant to the lookism  when turning on the TV or radio.

I can feel some beauty pressure in every where in this busy city. it seems like living in the competition racing for the world's best beauty.

# Short description about this work
Park compares the modern society that consider 'beauty' a competitive tool to a game of hurdles. Sounds taken from mass media that instigates competition of appearances resonate via a loudspeaker and the texts engraved on the hurdles induce contemplation of aesthetics in which individuality must coexist.

Tower, 2015, steel,loudspeaker, flag,sound(copy of cosmetic  AD),  350x120x530(h)cm 


loudspeaker sound description) I have mixed 30 sound of AD of TV / radio / magazine relevant to the beauty pressure. 






Research> Your Beauty (2015~)