I have displayed the series 'Goodbye to Love'(2012~) and part of' Now Here is Nowhere'(2016) in this exhibition.

Brochure >> http://www.forumtri.be/pdf/forumtri.2016.brochure.nl.pdf

H.E.L.P_2016_ 80 clock moves, pillow cover, pillow, photo, trumpet_variable dimensions



Gloomy Monday_2015_clipping from the Monday edition of The Guardian(UK:Nov~Dec 2015), melody box_variable dimensions


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Question_2015_text puzzle, table, light, 100x60cm(each) text from the poem 'Question','Quest' by Anna Wickham (Audience has helped a piece together the puzzle.)

series Goodbye to Love'(2013~)
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Goodbye to LoveⅢ_2013_Neon sign, Text, mixed media_ variable  dimensions 
Goodbye to Love Ⅱ_2012_needle work on canvas, wedding veil, red thread_variable dimensions



"Love, I gave up. 
You, I won't see you again. 
I wish you were not happier than me. 
I wish you were miserable. 
I wish your love, does not love you as much. 
Live well. 
With someone new. 
-Written by anonymous audience. (survey 'Broken Heart Story' (2013, KR)
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Goodbye to LoveⅠ(2nd Edition)_2016_1.000 Origami gold cranes_variable dimensions


castle.jpg _DSC3282.jpg

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