The 'Late Farewell' project is an artist's social act on the reality of having to hold a simplified funeral without having the last encounter with the deceased. 

Hyesoo Park posted a public opening to gather late farewell messages to the deceased from their families and acquaintances.

The stories gathered together are posted as obituaries on newspaper in partnership with Busan Daily Newspaper, and are represented in ways for the corona-hit deceased individuals to be remembered and recalled in the present moment.


* English translation is provided for 4 selected stories out of 30 (stories).






# 3

Story of a COVID-19 Ward Medic


A grandmother in her 80s who was crying alone at the absence of her child

A husband in his 50s who just recovered himself after patching up the death of his wife

A patient who told us “I want to live” but ended up dead

A father who wanted to see his dog waiting at home
A son who was watching a deathbed on CCTV with patting the screen endlessly

Families who couldn't cry loudly
An ivory shroud that I couldn't put on
A rush of helplessness

Here the place where we stay for them
Dear bereaved families,
It is okay to cry out loud.






# 5

Letter from a bereaved family of the suspected COVID-19 


Jeong You Yeob

(Dec. 21, 2002 ~ Mar. 18, 2020)


The youngest boy in our family who only wanted to play with his older brothers.

A son who worried about his sick daddy first,

A son who was willing to help his mom’s housework,

A friend who approached by talking to me first,

You who loved singing was a sweet kid.



Even after growing up you grabbed my hand just like a little kid.

You got the buzz cut together with your second brother who is going to the army, telling him not to feel awkward with his new haircut.

Mom seems like she is thinking of you again today just by looking at a single soft-boiled egg.

It would have been nice if I could sing the song that our mom likes as much as you did.

Your room is still the same,

but I can't find you in the kakao group chat room where always have been for 3 people.

We who were not able to hold your hands, miss you so much.

Yoo Yeop, Mom always cheered for you.

We will forever be three brothers.


I always miss you my brother, I love you.






# 8

Story of a caregiver at a nursing home


Jeong O Ro

(1929 ~ Mar. 27, 2020)


He was a great dancer and had a great time with the caregivers.

He was cheerful, a positive mood maker and a king of manners.

He worked out every morning, took care of himself enough to read a newspaper.

He was also a stylish gentleman who dressed neatly.



The day before you were transferred to the hospital after being notified of the COVID-19 confirmation, I remember you called your daughter saying,

'Don't worry about me, I'm fine.'

When you left the hospital the next morning, your family, who spoke on the phone with you yesterday,

couldn't come back to your side and had to send you off on the road across the street.


Behind the yellow line that was blocking from afar,

your words "It's okay, get back" were the last words to your family who called "Father, Father" at the place.

Dear sir, we will miss the warm afternoon of the nursing home where you gave us a lot of joyful moments.





# 14

Letter from a bereaved family member


Lee Soo Hee

(Oct. 26, 1932 ~Mar. 28, 2020)


To a mother who devoted her life only to her children.


Mother, it's spring with azaleas like the pink sweater you used to wear.

The beautiful cherry blossoms in Palgongsan Mountain make me miss you even more.

It's been almost a year since you left, yet I still regret that I sent you without holding your hand once more,

and did not put a shroud that I had prepared for you. I am sorry.

Mother, I often go hiking these days.

Is heaven warm like this beautiful spring day?

I miss you.










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