Art Work


Time among others_2006_clock, name card_variable dimensions 

Peoples keep on living by their own speed. Time seems to be given everyone same but the everybody has a different life speed. 

150 peoples are surrounding peoples of mine.  like a family, friend, co-woker... 

and I made their birth year & name into the minute hand and the second hand. some people have the hour hand, it's  death year. it means their life over. so thier life's clock stop now. What am I moving for?

How long time am I moving on this life ? And where am I in my life?



Primo Piano Livin Gallery (Lecce / Italy) 2006


Installation View

image19.jpg hyesoo3.jpg



 another installation view

2.jpg DSC00242.jpg a4.jpg

Gallry WHAN (2006 Seoul 2006)                    SAMPIO Factory Space (2006 I-chon, KR)


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Gallery GAINRO (2009 Seoul KR)